Market Access Strategy

Entering healthcare markets with new products requires a sophisticated market access strategy. Innovertas develops and implements a customized, comprehensive and sustainable market access strategy for your products.

Health Economics

Cost pressure in healthcare increases demand of cost-effective therapies. We develop or adapt health economic models to show economic benefits of your products to local stakeholders, as authorities, purchasers or insurances.


A sufficient coverage of reimbursement for your therapy or diagnostic is one of the key aspects for healthcare providers in the buying process. Innovertas advises and supports you in gaining an adequate reimbursement in different tariffs.

Health Technology Assessment Dossiers

More and more, health authorities proof medical therapies at expense of compulsory health insurances on their medical benefits and cost-effectiveness. Innovertas develops your dossiers and takes care about submission.

Value Dossiers and Stakeholder Communication

Innovertas creates for you comprehensive value dossiers, describing benefits of your products for all relevant stakeholders, and supports you in stakeholder communications.

Data Generation, Clinical Outcome

Local cost data is a must for health economic argumentation. Often also local outcome data is asked or needed. We obtain the correct data for your needs.

Monitoring Health Policy and Decision Making

Health policy is changing very fast all over the world, and so therefore is also decision making for market access and purchase. Innovertas observes changes in healthcare systems and prepares you in advance for upcoming changes.


With the concern that health care is no longer affordable soon, payers get more influence in decision making. We develop and support you with a customized and comprehensive payer strategy.


To have a good understanding of reimbursement possibilities of your products, stakeholder interests in the buying process and health political trends can help to improve your marketing and sales success. Innovertas trains your stuff to discuss with stakeholders at eye level.

Advisory Boards, Round Tables

Advisory boards and round tables can help you to improve your insights in stakeholder interests and improve your business. We support you in setting up advisory boards and round tables and also take part.

Ad interim Management

Due to the lack of educated people, market access staff is not easy to find. Innovertas steps in and help you to establish an adequate market access departement.


Together with our partner Mojosoft, Innovertas develops e-health tools according to your wishes. Please get in touch with us for any information. Also consult our website.

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